Digital Gaggle – Bristol’s laid back digital marketing network

Social media tree I went to my first Digital Gaggle last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Bristol’s Digital Gaggle, devised by Noisy Little Monkey, is aimed at marketing professionals who want to share ideas and listen to useful talks in a relaxed environment.

Usually I despise networking events.  I particularly hate meetings where people are only out to sell and you are pressurised to refer others in the group, regardless of whether you have ever personally used their services.

What is different about this Digital Marketing group?

The evening started with drinks and mingling – unfortunately I arrived too late to sample the ‘hot nibbles’ on offer!  This was followed by an introduction from Noisy Little Monkey who explained the history of Digital Gaggle plus their ‘code of conduct’.

I was more than happy to hear Digital Gaggle vision for the event, which was:

> No giving out business cards

> No selling

> No pressure

but to have fun, have a drink and a chat.


The introduction was followed by a presentation by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton from Valuable Content which was really informative.  We then got into groups to discuss where each of us are on our Content Marketing journey.

What I liked about this was that although the room was full of people who are essentially competitors, I felt like I was with a group of friends who were only too happy to give advice and share ideas.

Who would I recommend Digital Gaggle to?

I would recommend Digital Gaggle to anyone who wants to get the best out of the web.  Anyone from small business owners wanting an insight into the best way to market their business, to established marketing professionals, would benefit from attending. Digital Gaggle is a great opportunity to get an insight into the latest trends in Digital Marketing from the best in the business.

Attending this type of event ensures that we are always increasing our skills and knowledge, which we can then use to help you develop your business.  Networking is not always about selling, it is about sharing information so we can all provide a great service to our clients.

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